Germ Cells

Science / Biology / Germ Cells: Collective term for cells in the reproductive organs of multicellular organisms that divide by meiosis to produce gametes.

Other Words for Germ

Germ Adjective Synonyms: micro-organism, microbe, bacterium, virus, bug

Germ Line Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Germ Line Gene Therapy: An experimental process of inserting genes into germ cells or fertilized eggs to cause a genetic change that can be passed on to offspring. May be used to alleviate effects associated with a genetic d MORE

Plasma Cells

Science / Biology / Plasma Cells: Cells produced from B cells that synthesize and release antibodies. MORE

Oechsle (Germany)

Life Style / Wine / Oechsle (Germany): A scale of must weight based on specific gravity. It is vital to assess the must weight in Germany as it determines the Prädikat classification. An Oechsle unit is equal to one unit of specific gravi MORE

Prädikat (Germany, Austria)

Life Style / Wine / Prädikat (Germany, Austria): The Prädikat is a classification of wine depending on the must weight, which may be reported in a variety of units including KMW, Oechsle, Baum? and Brix. The classification includes three basic leve MORE

Qba (Germany)

Life Style / Wine / Qba (Germany): The labelling term QbA (Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete) literally describes a "quality wine from a designated region". It is a lower quality category than QmP, permitting the addition of süss MORE

Prüfungsnummer (Germany)

Life Style / Wine / Prüfungsnummer (Germany): See Amtliche Prüfnummer. MORE