Golden Brown Algae

Science / Biology / Golden Brown Algae: Common name applied to the protistan division Chrysophyta.

Other Words for Golden

Golden Adjective Synonyms: yellow, yellowish, gold, blond or blonde, flaxen, aureate, tow(-haired)

Golden Rum

Entertainment / Liquor / Golden Rum: Also known as anejo, a light-bodied rum of golden color from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. This rum, though still of the light bodied type, has more taste and pronounced character than wh MORE

Golden Set

Entertainment / Tennis / Golden Set: Winning a set without losing a point MORE

Golden Parachute

Business / Finance / Golden Parachute: A bonus a securities firm pays to attract an employee from a competing firm. MORE

Golden Muscat

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Golden Muscat: Hardy, productive vine derived from a (Moore's) Diamond and Muscat Hamburg variety cross. Suitable for white wine production. Tendency to have high acid content in cool climate regions if not fully ri MORE

Golden Hello

Business / Finance / Golden Hello: A large payment to a senior employee who is forced into retirement or fired as a result of a takeover or simular development. MORE

Golden Isles

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Golden Isles: V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) variety. Derived from a Fry x Georgia 19-6 cross. No other details as yet. MORE