Green Algae

Science / Biology / Green Algae: Common name for algae placed in the division Chlorophyta.

Other Words for Green

Green Adjective Synonyms: verdant, grassy, fresh, leafy, rural, country-like

Greenstick Fracture

Health / First Aid / Greenstick Fracture: Kids commonly get incomplete fractures known as greenstick fractures. MORE

Greenwich Argument

Science / Tides and Currents / Greenwich Argument: Equilibrium argument computed for the meridian of Greenwich. MORE

Greenwich Interval

Science / Tides and Currents / Greenwich Interval: An interval referred to the transit of the Moon over the meridian of Greenwich, as distinguished from the local interval which is referred to the Moon's transit over the local meridian. The relation i MORE

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Science / Weather / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): The name of the twenty-four hour time scale which is used throughout the scientific and military communities. Standard Time begins at Greenwich, England, home of the Royal Observatory which first util MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Greensome: An alternate shot tournament format with two two-man teams in each foursome, each player hits a tee shot, then the best tee shot of each two-man team is selected and the other ball is picked up, the p MORE

Greenside Bunker

Entertainment / Golf / Greenside Bunker: A bunker surrounding, or in close proximity, to the putting surface MORE