Growth Rings

Science / Biology / Growth Rings: Features of woody stems produced by plants growing in areas with seasonal (as opposed to year-long) growth. The growth ring marks the position of the vascular cambium at the cessation of the previous years growth.

Other Words for Growth

Growth Verb Synonyms: development, evolution, evolvement, cultivation, nurturing, increase, expansion, broadening, extension, enlargement, spread, proliferation, flowering
Growth Noun Synonyms: advance, advancement, success, improvement, expansion, rise, progress

Primary Growth

Science / Biology / Primary Growth: Cells produced by an apical meristem. The growth a plant by the actions of apical meristems on the shoot and root apices in producing plant primary tisues. MORE

Present Value Of Growth Opportunities

Business / Finance / Present Value Of Growth Opportunities: Net present value (NPV) of investments the firm is expected to make in the future. MORE

Prospective Earnings Growth (PEG Ratio)

Business / Finance / Prospective Earnings Growth (PEG Ratio): Based on forecasts from proprietary sources such as Institutional Brokers' Estimate System (IBES), First Call, or Zach's. Growth is forecast of earnings minus current earnings divided by current earni MORE

Range Rings Control

Technology / Radar / Range Rings Control: Range rings are displayed on the screen when selected by this control and provide a rough estimate of the distance to a target displayed on the screen. The distance between the range rings is usually MORE

Review Hearings

Life Style / Adoption / Review Hearings: Held by the juvenile and family court to review dispositions (usually every six months) and to determine the need to maintain placement in out-of-home care or court jurisdiction of a child. MORE

Olympic Rings

Entertainment / Baseball / Olympic Rings: When a player strikes out five times in one game (also known as the Platinum Sombrero). MORE