Guard Cells

Science / Biology / Guard Cells: Specialized epidermal cells that flank stomates and whose opening and closing regulates gas exchange and water loss.

Other Words for Guard

Guard Verb Synonyms: control, mind
Guard Noun Synonyms: protect, shield, safeguard, (keep or stand) watch (over), defend, convoy, escort, police, look after, tend, mind

Mast Cells

Science / Biology / Mast Cells: Cells that synthesize and release histamine, as during an allergic response; found most often in connective tissue surrounding blood vessels. MORE

Physical Safeguards

Business / Accounting / Physical Safeguards: Physical precautions used to protect assets and records, such as locks on doors, fireproof vaults, password verification, security gauds. MORE

Plasma Cells

Science / Biology / Plasma Cells: Cells produced from B cells that synthesize and release antibodies. MORE

Legal Guardian

Life Style / Adoption / Legal Guardian: Any person who can make legal decisions for a minor child. MORE

Langerhans Cells

Science / Biology / Langerhans Cells: Epidermal cells that participate in the infiammatory response by engulfing microorganisms and releasing chemicals that mobilize immune system cells. MORE

Helper T Cells

Science / Biology / Helper T Cells: A type of lymphocyte that stimulates the production of antibodies by activating B cells when an antigen is present. MORE