Hair Bulb

Science / Biology / Hair Bulb: The base of a hair; contains cells that divide mitotically to produce columns of hair cells.

Other Words for Hair

Hair Noun Synonyms: hair's breadth, whisker, trifle, fraction, skin of one's teeth
Hair Verb Synonyms: tresses, locks, mane, curls, ringlets, braids, plaits

Hair Root

Science / Biology / Hair Root: The portion of a hair that extends from the skins surface to the hair bulb. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Hairpin: A very slow, tight, sometimes 180-degree, turn. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Hairpiece: Another phrase for hitting the ball fat, or hitting the ground first - if one were able to freeze time at the right instant the divot might be laying over the top of the ball, reminiscent of a hairpie MORE


Business / Finance / Haircut: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying that the issue is the second preferred bond of the company. MORE

Hair Shaft

Science / Biology / Hair Shaft: The portion of a hair that extends above the skins surface. MORE

Hair Side

Entertainment / Literature / Hair Side: The side of a sheet or parchment or vellum that once carried the animal's hair. It is generally darker and smoother than the flesh side, and it may carry markings such as pores or traces of hair folli MORE