Hair Root

Science / Biology / Hair Root: The portion of a hair that extends from the skins surface to the hair bulb.

Other Words for Hair

Hair Verb Synonyms: tresses, locks, mane, curls, ringlets, braids, plaits
Hair Noun Synonyms: hair's breadth, whisker, trifle, fraction, skin of one's teeth

Other Words for Root

Root Noun Synonyms: base, basis, foundation, source, seat, cause, fountain-head, origin, fount, well-spring
Root Verb Synonyms: rootstock, rootstalk, tap root, rootlet, tuber, radix, radicle, radicel, rhizome, rhizomorph

Root Directory

Technology / Computers / Root Directory: The main directory on any hard disk or floppy disk. It has a fixed size and location and cannot be resized dynamically like subdirectories can. MORE

Root Creation

Entertainment / Literature / Root Creation: Creating a new word by inventing its form from scratch--without reference to any pre-existing word or sound. MORE

Root Hairs

Science / Biology / Root Hairs: Extensions of the root epidermis that increase the roots ability to absorb water. MORE

Root Mean Squared (RMS)

Technology / Home Audio / Root Mean Squared (RMS): A term used to indicate the average level of power that a receiver or amplifier can sustain over a given period of time. Average power ratings (ex: 100 watts RMS) provide a more realistic assessment o MORE

Root Of The Title

Business / Real Estate / Root Of The Title: The original grant (or root) of the title. MORE

Root Cap

Science / Biology / Root Cap: Structure that covers and protects the apical meristem in plant roots. Cells forming a protective series of layers over the root meristem. MORE