Hair Shaft

Science / Biology / Hair Shaft: The portion of a hair that extends above the skins surface.

Other Words for Hair

Hair Verb Synonyms: tresses, locks, mane, curls, ringlets, braids, plaits
Hair Noun Synonyms: hair's breadth, whisker, trifle, fraction, skin of one's teeth

Other Words for Shaft

Shaft Adjective Synonyms: pole, rod, staff, stick, stem, shank, handle, helve, pillar, column, post, stanchion, upright
Shaft Noun Synonyms: mine-shaft, tunnel, adit, well, pit, air-shaft, duct, flue

Let The Shaft Out

Entertainment / Golf / Let The Shaft Out: To make an effort to hit the ball long MORE

Mohair Recourse Loan Program

Business / Agriculture / Mohair Recourse Loan Program: A program authorized by the emergency provisions of the FY1999 USDA appropriations act (P.L. 105-277, October 21, 1998) that makes interest-free recourse loans of $2.00 per pound on mohair produced pr MORE

Incremental Shaft Encoder

Science / Tides and Currents / Incremental Shaft Encoder: A component of a water level gauge for converting length to a shaft angle on a rotating disk. The position of the rotating disk is deter-mined by single or dual optical or magnetic sensors to provide MORE

Helmet Hair

Technology / Motorcycle / Helmet Hair: Wearing a motorcycle helmet tends to mess up one's hair. Removing the helmet usually leaves hair sticking out in all directions. This is called helmet hair. It can be minimized by use of special skull MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Hairpiece: Another phrase for hitting the ball fat, or hitting the ground first - if one were able to freeze time at the right instant the divot might be laying over the top of the ball, reminiscent of a hairpie MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Hairpin: A very slow, tight, sometimes 180-degree, turn. MORE