Science / Biology / Heart: The multicellular, chambered, muscular structure that pumps blood through the circulatory system by alternately contracting and relaxing.

Other Words for Heart

Heart Verb Synonyms: ticker, pump
Heart Noun Synonyms: (basic) nature, core, centre, focus, hub, middle, marrow, pith, essence, quintessence, nucleus, nub, crux, basics, fundamentals, nitty-gritty

Congestive Heart Failure

Health / Fitness / Congestive Heart Failure: The inability of the heart muscle to pump the blood at a life sustaining rate. MORE

Target Heart Rate Zone

Health / Fitness / Target Heart Rate Zone: The number of heartbeats per minute reflecting the exercise intensity that gains the maximum training benefits from an aerobic workout. The formula for obtaining a target heart rate equals 220 minus y MORE

Heart Rate

Health / Fitness / Heart Rate: The number of times your heart beats per minute. MORE

Coronary Heart Disease (Chd)

Health / Fitness / Coronary Heart Disease (Chd): Diseases of the heart muscle and the blood vessels that supply it with oxygen, high risk factor for a heart attack. MORE

Maximum Heart Rate

Health / Fitness / Maximum Heart Rate: The maximum number of times your heart should beat in a minute without dangerously overexerting yourself. MORE

Resting Heart Rate

Health / Fitness / Resting Heart Rate: Number of times the heart beats per minute while your body is not phisically active or at rest. MORE