Science / Biology / Hormones: Chemical substances that are produced in the endocrine glands and travel in the blood to target organs where they elicit a response.

Sex Hormones

Science / Biology / Sex Hormones: A group of steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex. Hormones that are produced in the gonads and promoted development and maintainence of the secondary sex characteristics and structures, prep MORE


Science / Biology / Testes: The male gonad; produce spermatozoa and male sex hormones. Male gonads in mammals. Singular, testis. Paired organs that contain seminiferous tubules in which sperm are produced. MORE


Science / Astrology / Cycle: A planet's zodiacal period; the time it takes a planet to make on complete transit (revolution) of a horoscope. MORE


Science / Biology / Cortex: 1) The outer part of an organ, e.g., the adrenal cortex, which produces several steroid hormones; 2) in plants, the region of the stem or root between the epidermis and the vascular bundle(s). MORE


Science / Biology / Auxins: A group of hormones involved in controlling plant growth and other functions; once thought responsible for phototropism by causing the cells on the shaded side of a plant to elongate, thereby causing MORE


Science / Biology / Steroids: Compounds with a skeleton of four rings of carbon to which various side groups are attached; one of the three main classes of hormones. MORE