Science / Biology / Hypothesis: An idea that can be experimentally tested; an idea with the lowest level of confidence.

Other Words for Hypothesis

Hypothesis Noun Synonyms: theory, theorem, postulate, premise or premiss, proposition, assumption, supposition, speculation

One Gene, One Enzyme Hypothesis

Science / Biology / One Gene, One Enzyme Hypothesis: Holds that a single gene controls the production, specificity, and activity of each enzyme in a metabolic pathway. Thus, mutation of such a gene changes the ability of the cell to carry out a particul MORE

Whorfs Hypothesis

Entertainment / Literature / Whorfs Hypothesis: A proposal that language affects how its speakers perceive and react to the world--and that the limitations of language thus become the limitations of human thought. Although first set forward by amat MORE

Stability-Time Hypothesis

Science / Marine Biology / Stability-Time Hypothesis: Hypothesis that states that higher diversity occurs in habitats that are ancient and stable environmentally MORE

Lyon Hypothesis

Science / Biology / Lyon Hypothesis: Idea proposed by Mary Lyon that mammalian females inactivate one or the other X-chromosome during early embryogenesis. This deactivated chromosome forms the Barr body. MORE

Liquidity Preference Hypothesis

Business / Finance / Liquidity Preference Hypothesis: The argument that greater liquidity is valuable, all else equal. Also, the theory that the forward rate exceeds expected future interest rates. MORE

Expectations Hypothesis Theories

Business / Finance / Expectations Hypothesis Theories: Refers to options that are more complex than simple puts or call options. For example, a Caput is a call option on a put option. MORE