Science / Biology / Incus: One of the three bones comprising the middle ear of mammals.

Pincushion Distortion

Entertainment / Photography / Pincushion Distortion: Lens aberration causing parallel, straight lines at the edge of the image to curve toward the lens axis. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Francusa: Has synonym name Frincusa. Variety grown in Romania that is best trained to bi-lateral cordons with 2 buds per cane. Ripens as small/medium clusters of pale coppery yellow skinned berries. Used to cre MORE

Curvilinear Distortion

Entertainment / Photography / Curvilinear Distortion: Combination of barrel distortion and pincushion distortion. MORE

Mammal-Like Reptiles

Science / Biology / Mammal-Like Reptiles: Group of Permian-Triassic reptiles having some possible mammalian features, notably a more prominent dentary (tooth-bearing) bone and reduction of the incus and malleus (which are part of the reptilia MORE