Science / Biology / Initiation: The first step in translation; occurs when a messenger RNA molecule, a ribosomal subunit, and a transfer RNA molecule carrying the first amino acid bind together to form a complex; begins at the start codon on mRNA.

Other Words for Initiation

Initiation Verb Synonyms: beginning, commencement, inauguration, origination, debut, introduction, inception, establishment
Initiation Noun Synonyms: admittance, admission, entrance, induction, enrolment, instatement, investiture, ordination, installation, ceremony, rite, ritual

Initiation Codon (AUG)

Science / Biology / Initiation Codon (AUG): Three-base sequence on the messenger RNA that codes for the amino acid methionine; the start command for protein synthesis. MORE

Crossing The Line

Life Style / Travel / Crossing The Line: When a ship crosses the equator for the first time during a cruise, there's often a special 'initiation' ceremony that takes place among the passengers and crew. Curious? Take an exotic cruise and fin MORE


Health / Yoga / Diksha : Initiation given by the guru. MORE

Open Reading Frame (ORF)

Science / Genetics / Open Reading Frame (ORF): The sequence of dna or rna located between the start-code sequence (initiation codon) and the stop-code sequence (termination codon). MORE


Science / Biology / Translation: The synthesis of protein on a template of messenger RNA; consists of three steps: initiation, elongation, and termination. Making of a polypeptide sequence by translating the genetic code of an mRNA m MORE


Science / Biology / Methionine: The amino acid coded for by the initiation codon; all polypeptides begin with methionine, although post-translational reactions may remove it. MORE