Science / Biology / Insertion: A type of mutation in which a new DNA base is inserted into an existing sequence of DNA bases. This shifts the reference frame in protein synthesis, resulting (sometimes) in altered amino acid sequences.

Insertion Loss

Technology / Home Audio / Insertion Loss: The loss of voltage (or power), as measured in db, resulting from placing a resistor (or some other power absorbing network or component) between a voltage or power source (amp) and its load impedance MORE

Thought Insertion

Science / Psychiatry / Thought Insertion: The delusion that certain of ones thoughts are not ones own, but rather are inserted into ones mind. MORE

Zero Insertion Force (ZIF)

Technology / Computers / Zero Insertion Force (ZIF): Sockets that require no physical force to be used in order to insert the chip. Primarily used with modern CPUs. MORE

Human Gene Therapy

Science / Genetics / Human Gene Therapy: Insertion of normal dna directly into cells to correct a genetic defect. MORE

Directed Mutagenesis

Science / Genetics / Directed Mutagenesis: Alteration of dna at a specific site and its reinsertion into an organism to study any effects of the change. MORE

Prepared Piano

Entertainment / Music / Prepared Piano: Piano whose sound is altered by the insertion of various materials (metal, rubber, leather and paper) between the strings: invented by John Cage. MORE