Science / Biology / Inversion: A reversal in the order of genes on a chromosome segment.

Retrograde Inversion

Entertainment / Music / Retrograde Inversion: Mirror image and backward statement of a melody. MORE

Chromosomal Inversion

Science / Genetics / Chromosomal Inversion: Chromosome segments that have been turned 180 degrees. The gene sequence for the segment is reversed with respect to the rest of the chromosome. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Hyperbaton: A generic term for changing the normal or expected order of words--including anastrophe, tmesis, hypallage, and other figures of speech. E.g.,'One ad does not a survey make.' The term comes from the G MORE

Remuage (France)

Life Style / Wine / Remuage (France): An essential step in the production of Champagne. The remuage or riddling process involves gradual turning and inversion of the bottle, bring the lees into the neck prior to their removal. For more in MORE

Cumulus Humilis

Science / Weather / Cumulus Humilis: Cumulus clouds with little or no vertical development characterized by a generally flat appearance. Their growth is usually limited by a temperature inversion, which is marked by the unusually uniform MORE


Technology / Radar / Duct: A layer within the atmosphere where refraction and reflection results in the trapping of radar waves, and consequently their propagation over abnormally long distances. Ducts are associated with tempe MORE