Science / Biology / Larva: A stage in the development of many insects and other organisms including sea urchins and sponges. In sponges, sexual reproduction results in the production of motile ciliated larvae.

Planktotrophic Larva

Science / Marine Biology / Planktotrophic Larva: Planktonic-dispersing larva that derives its nourishment by feeding in the plankton MORE

Teleplanic Larva

Science / Marine Biology / Teleplanic Larva: Larva capable of dispersal over long distances, such as across oceans MORE

Lecithotrophic Larva

Science / Marine Biology / Lecithotrophic Larva: A planktonic-dispersing larva that lives off yolk supplied via the egg MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Larvacea: A group of planktonic tunicates that secrete a gelatinous house, used to strain unsuitable particles (large particles are rejected). An inner filter apparatus of the house, the so-called food trap or MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Recruitment: The practice of soliciting and actively seeking applicants to fill recently vacated or newly created positions using a variety of methods (i.e., internal job postings, advertising in newspapers or ele MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Planula: The planktonic larval form produced by scleractinian corals and coelenterates MORE