Science / Biology / Ligaments: Dense parallel bundles of connective tissue that strengthen joints and hold the bones in place.


Science / Genetics / Dwarfism: Conditions of short stature with adult height under 4'10' as adult, usually with normal intelligence and lifespan. Ehlers danlos syndrome connective tissue condition including problems with tendons, l MORE

Structural Integration

Health / Health Insurance / Structural Integration: The unification of previously separate providers under common ownership or control. MORE

Hoshino Therapy

Health / Massage / Hoshino Therapy: Developed by Japanese-born, Argentine immigrant Tomezo Hoshino, Hoshino Therapy was declared an official medical therapy in Argentina in 1952. Hoshino is a nonintrusive massage and movement system to MORE


Health / Massage / Naprapathy: With influences from osteopathy and chiropractic, this system of treatment uses soft-tissue manipulation to release tension and balance energy flows in the body. The practitioner uses palpation to exp MORE


Health / First Aid / Sprain: Any injury where fibers of a ligament are stretched or torn. MORE

Speed Of Movement

Health / Fitness / Speed Of Movement: Strength training movements should be slow and controlled. Do not use momentum to complete an exercise movement. Momentum puts unnecessary stress on tendons, ligaments and joints. Using momentum in yo MORE