Mast Cells

Science / Biology / Mast Cells: Cells that synthesize and release histamine, as during an allergic response; found most often in connective tissue surrounding blood vessels.

Masters Degree

Life Style / College / Masters Degree: A degree granted upon completion of a second level college or university degree program (after a bachelor's degree). MORE


Business / Construction / Mastic: A pasty material used as a cement (as for setting tile) or a protective coating (as for thermal insulation or waterproofing) MORE

Mastic Varnish

Entertainment / Photography / Mastic Varnish: Is varnish used for negatives. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Mastication: The act of chewing. MORE

Masters Cup

Entertainment / Tennis / Masters Cup: The year end tennis competition for the atp tour where the top 8 players compete. MORE

Master Promissory Note

Life Style / College / Master Promissory Note: The legal, binding document that must be signed by the student borrower prior to loan funds being disbursed to Greenville Tech. The promissory note states the terms and conditions of the loan, includi MORE