Mesozoic Era

Science / Biology / Mesozoic Era: The period of geologic time beginning 245 million years ago and ending 65 million years ago; the age of the dinosaurs and cycads, the Mesozoic falls between the Paleozoic and Cenozoic Eras and includes the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods.

Other Words for Era

Era Adjective Synonyms: age, period, time(s), day(s), epoch, stage, generation, cycle, date

Paleozoic Era

Science / Biology / Paleozoic Era: The period of time beginning 570 million years ago ending 245 million years ago; falls between the Proterozoic and Mesozoic Eras and is divided into the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carbo MORE

Cenozoic Era

Science / Biology / Cenozoic Era: The period of geologic time beginning after the end of the Mesozoic Era 65 million years ago and encompassing the present. Commonly referred to as the age of mammals. MORE

Net Operating Income (NOI)

Business / Real Estate / Net Operating Income (NOI): The income projected for an income-producing property after deducting losses for vacancy, collection and operating expenses. MORE

Net Operating Loss (NOL)

Business / Finance / Net Operating Loss (NOL): The excess of business expenses over income in a given tax year. MORE

Net Operating Losses

Business / Finance / Net Operating Losses: Losses that a firm can take advantage of to reduce taxes. MORE

Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carryforward

Business / Finance / Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carryforward: The amount of Net Operating Losses accumulated over past tax years that is available for offsetting taxable income in the current and future tax years. MORE