Science / Biology / Metamorphosis: The process of changing from one form to another; e.g., in insects, from the larval stage to the pupal stage to the reproductive adult stage.


Science / Biology / Larva: A stage in the development of many insects and other organisms including sea urchins and sponges. In sponges, sexual reproduction results in the production of motile ciliated larvae. MORE

Loathly Lady

Entertainment / Literature / Loathly Lady: The motif of a ugly hag who will under set conditions transform into a beautiful maiden, or more rarely a beautiful maiden cursed to revert to a hideous or inhuman shape under different conditions. Th MORE

Etiological Narrative

Entertainment / Literature / Etiological Narrative: Etiology is the branch of philosophy dealing with the origins of things or how things came to be. An etiological narrative in folklore, mythology/religion, or literature is a story that explains how a MORE