Science / Biology / Microspores: Four haploid cells produced by the meiotic division in the pollen sacs of fiowers or microsporangia of gymnosperms. Microspores undergo mitotic division and become encased in a thick protective wall to form pollen grains. Small, size usually less than 200 micrometers, spores produced by meiosis. Microspores either germinate into the male gametophyte or have the male gametophyte develop inside the microspore wall.

Pollen Grains

Science / Biology / Pollen Grains: The containers for male gametophytes of seed plants produced in a microsporangium by meiosis. Microspores produced by seed plants that contain the male gametophyte. MORE


Science / Biology / Microsporangia: Structures of the sporophyte in which microspores are produced by meiosis. In flowering plants the microsporangia are known as anther sacs. MORE

Microspore Mother Cell

Science / Biology / Microspore Mother Cell: Cells in the microsporangium that undergo meiosis to produce microspores. In flowering plants the microspore is known as the pollen grain, and contains a three-celled male. MORE