Science / Biology / Monomer: An organic chemical unit linked to other units (usually by a covalent bond formed by the removal of water) to produce a larger molecule (macromolecule) known as a polymer.


Science / Chemistry / Copolymer: A polymer composed of two or more different monomers. The different monomers can be linked randomly, or in repeating sequences, or in blocks, or as side chains off the main chain. MORE


Science / Biology / Polymer: Organic molecule composed of smaller units known as monomers. A large molecule composed of smaller subunits, for example starch is a polymer of glucose, proteins are polymers of amino acids. MORE

Amino Acids

Science / Biology / Amino Acids: The subunits (monomers) from which proteins (polymers) are assembled. Each amino acid consists of an amino functional group, and a carboxyl acid group, and differs from other amino acids by the compos MORE


Science / Biology / Macromolecules: Large molecules made up of many small organic molecules that are often referred to as monomers; e.g., carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Macromolecules are polymers of monomers. MORE