Science / Biology / Morph: A distinct phenotypic variant within a population.


Entertainment / Literature / Theriomorphic: Another term for therianthropic, above. (Grk, therios [beast] + morphos [shape], noun form theriomorphosis) MORE

Free Morpheme

Entertainment / Literature / Free Morpheme: Any morpheme that can function by itself as a word, such as the two morphemes it and self found in the word itself. This is the opposite of a bound morpheme, one that only makes sense when it is part MORE

Bound Morpheme

Entertainment / Literature / Bound Morpheme: A morpheme used exclusively as part of a larger word rather than one that can stand alone and retain independent meaning. Examples include the morpheme ept in the word inept, or the morpheme gruntle i MORE

Youth (Geomorphology)

Science / Geology / Youth (Geomorphology): A stage in the geomorphic cycle in which a landscape has just been uplifted and is beginning to be dissected by canyons cut by young streams. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Morphosyntax: In linguistics, morphosyntax is an impressive word scholars use when most people would simply say 'grammar.' It is the study of how parts of a sentence relate to each other. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Morphology: The part of a language concerned with the structure of morphemes and how these morphemes combine. Linguists use this term in contrast with syntax. MORE