Science / Biology / Mouth: The oral cavity; the entrance to the digestive system where food is broken into pieces by the teeth and saliva begins the digestion process.

Other Words for Mouth

Mouth Adjective Synonyms: lips, maw, jaws, oral cavity, stoma, trap, kisser, muzzle, gob, chops, yap, bazoo
Mouth Noun Synonyms: bragging, boasting, braggadocio, empty or idle talk, bombast, rodomontade, fustian, claptrap, hot air, gas

Hell Mouth

Entertainment / Literature / Hell Mouth: Students should distinguish between the medieval and Renaissance meanings of hell mouth. (1) In medieval art, the hell mouth was a stylized painting in which the entry to hell resembles a gaping demon MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Vermouth: Though the product is mostly an Italian/French undertaking, the word comes to us from the German Vermutwein, meaning wormwood wine. While wormwood is indeed one of the many botanicals that goes into i MORE

Foot-And-Mouth Disease (FMD)

Business / Agriculture / Foot-And-Mouth Disease (FMD): A major disease of cloven-footed animals (e.g., cattle and pigs) that does not exist in the United States. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service conducts a surveillance program to track the d MORE

Bell Mouth

Business / Machine Shop / Bell Mouth: The flaring or tapering of a machined hole, usually made at the entrance end because of misalignment or spring of the cutting tool. MORE

Dry Vermouth

Entertainment / Liquor / Dry Vermouth: A French made, herb flavored wine. Used in making drinks such as the Martini and Perfect Manhattan. MORE

Goal Mouth

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goal Mouth: The opening at the front of the goal cage formed by the goal posts and the crossbar, plus the ice area immediately in front of that opening. MORE