Science / Biology / Neurons: Highly specialized cells that generate and transmit bioelectric impulses from one part of the body to another; the functional unit of the nervous system. A cell of the nerve tissue having a cell body input zone of dendrites and an output zone of an axon (of varying length). The electrochemical nerve impulse/message is transmitted by neurons.


Science / Biology / Interneurons: Neurons that process signals from one or more sensory neurons and relay signals to motor neurons. Aka connector neurons. MORE

Motor Neurons

Science / Biology / Motor Neurons: Neurons that receive signals from interneurons and transfer the signals to effector cells that produce a response. Nerve cells connected to a muscle or gland. Sometimes also known as effector neurons. MORE

Sensory Neurons

Science / Biology / Sensory Neurons: Neurons that carry signals from receptors and transmit information about the environment to processing centers in the brain and spinal cord. Neurons carrying messages from sensory receptors to the spi MORE