Science / Biology / Nucleotides: The subunits of nucleic acids; composed of a phosphate, a sugar, and a nitrogen-containing base. The fundamental structural unit of the nucleic acid group of organic macromolecules. Some nucleotides are involved in information storage (as nucleotides in DNA), protein synthesis (as nucleotides in RNA), and energy transfers (as single nucleotide ATP, GTP, and double nucleotide NADH and NADPH).


Science / Biology / Polynucleotides: Long chains of nucleotides formed by chemical links between the sugar and phosphate groups. MORE

Complementary Nucleotides

Science / Biology / Complementary Nucleotides: The bonding preferences of nucleotides, Adenine with Thymine, and Cytosine with Guanine. Also referred to as complementary base pairing. MORE

Megabase (MB)

Science / Genetics / Megabase (MB): Unit of length for dna fragments equal to 1 million nucleotides and roughly equal to 1 cm. MORE