Science / Biology / Organs: Differentiated structures consisting of tissues and performing some specific function in an organism. Structures made of two or more tissues which function as an integrated unit. e.g. the heart, kidneys, liver, stomach.

Palpal Organs

Science / Spiders / Palpal Organs: The more or less complex structures fs)und in the terminal part of the adult male palp. They comprise groups of sclerites separated from each other and the cymbium by up to three haematodochac and con MORE

Connective Tissue

Science / Biology / Connective Tissue: Animal tissue composed of cells embedded in a matrix (gel, elastic fibers, liquid, or inorganic minerals). Includes loose, dense, and fibrous connective tissues that provide strength (bone, cartilage) MORE


Health / Massage / Bindegewebsmassage: This technique is based on the theory that any disruption or imbalance in any portion of the body affects the entire system, specifically the autonomic, central nervous, and hormonal systems. Any disr MORE

Five-Element Shiatsu

Health / Massage / Five-Element Shiatsu: This technique is based on classical Chinese medicine’s law of the five elements. The five-element system views the human body as a microcosm of the universe with the tides of energy and emotions wa MORE

Taikyo Shiatsu

Health / Massage / Taikyo Shiatsu: Taikyo shiatsu is a style using ancient Taoist yin/yang and taijiquan principles combined with the gentle stretching of Zen shiatsu. From the Eastern perspective, this shiatsu focuses on stretching an MORE

Chi Nei Tsang

Health / Massage / Chi Nei Tsang: Tibetan abdominal massage combined with qigong exercises. MORE