Science / Biology / Ovule: In seed plants, a protective structure in which the female gametophyte develops, fertilization occurs, and seeds develop; contained within the ovary. Structures inside the ovary of the flower within which the female gametophyte develops after megasporogenesis has produced a megaspore inside each ovule.

Seed Coat

Science / Biology / Seed Coat: The tough outer layer of the seed, derived from the outer layers of the ovule. MORE


Science / Biology / Ovaries: 1) In animals, the female gonads, which produce eggs (ova) and female sex hormones. 2) In fiowers, part of the female reproductive structure in the carpel; contain the ovules, where egg development oc MORE


Science / Biology / Megaspores: Four haploid cells produced by meiosis in the ovule of a fiower. Usually, three of these cells degenerate, with the remaining cell becoming the female gametophyte phase of the plants life cycle. Large MORE