Science / Biology / Pectin: A substance in the middle lamella that cements adjoining plant cells together.


Science / Geology / Prospecting: The activities associated with the search for an area of probable mineralization. It can include: topographical, geological, geochemical and geophysical studies. Prospecting is usually done prior to t MORE


Science / Chemistry / Amylopectin: A form of starch made of glucose molecules linked in a branching pattern. MORE

Quasi-Public Corporation

Business / Finance / Quasi-Public Corporation: A corporation that is operated privately, but is supported by the government in its operations and that often traded publicly. MORE

Endless Chain

Business / Real Estate / Endless Chain: A method of prospecting where agents asks each prospect to recommend other prospects. MORE

Whisper Number

Business / Taxes / Whisper Number: A whisper number is an unofficial earnings estimate for a particular company that a stock analyst shares with clients to supplement the official published estimate. If the company reports earnings in MORE


Business / Agriculture / Hedging: Taking a position in a futures market opposite to a position held in the cash market to minimize the risk of financial loss from an adverse price change: a purchase or sale of futures contract as a te MORE