Science / Biology / Periosteum: A fibrous membrane that covers bones and serves as the site of attachment for skeletal muscles; contains nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels.


Health / Dentistry / Mucoperiosteum: A layer, or connective tissue, that covers bone.Periosteum in the oral cavity that is significant to periodontics is covered with mucosa (alveolaror gingiva) and in the same instance gives rise tomusc MORE

Alveolar Mucosa

Health / Dentistry / Alveolar Mucosa: The mucous membrane covering the basal part of the alveolar process and continuing without demarcation into the vestibular fornix and the floor of the mouth. It is loosely attached to the periosteum a MORE

Attached Gingiva

Health / Dentistry / Attached Gingiva: The portion of the gingiva extending from the marginal gingiva to the alveolar mucosa. The attached gingiva is fairly dense and tightly bound down to the underlying periosteum, tooth, and bone. MORE

Tunnel Dissection

Health / Dentistry / Tunnel Dissection: Through a small incision the periosteum is lifted from the underlying bone in a tunnel fashion. This usually is accomplished in preparation for an onlay type allograft or autograft. MORE