Science / Biology / Pesticides: Chemicals that are applied to agricultural crops or domesticated plants and which kill or inhibit growth of insects.

Persistent Pesticides

Business / Agriculture / Persistent Pesticides: Pesticides that do not readily break down in the environment. Becoming long-lived components of the ecosystem, these chemicals may have enduring effects at low concentrations or may bioaccumulate, pos MORE

Botanical Pesticides

Business / Agriculture / Botanical Pesticides: Pesticides whose active ingredients are plant-produced chemicals such as nicotine, rotenone, or strychnine. Also called plant-derived pesticides. Being 'natural' pesticides, as distinct from synthetic MORE

Restricted-Use Pesticides

Business / Agriculture / Restricted-Use Pesticides: A pesticide may be classified for restricted use if it requires special handling because of its toxicity. These may be applied only by trained, certified applicators or those under their direct superv MORE


Business / Agriculture / Carcinogen: Any substance that produces or promotes cancer. This is a key consideration in evaluating the safety of pesticides and other chemicals. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Desiccant: A chemical agent that absorbs moisture: desiccants can be used to control certain insect pests or mildew, and also to dry foliage before harvest (as with potatoes). Desiccants are regulated as pestici MORE


Business / Agriculture / Germicide: Any compound that kills disease-causing microorganisms. Germicides must be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as pesticides. MORE