Science / Biology / Petals: Usually brightly colored elements of a fiower that may produce fragrant oils; nonreproductive structures that attract pollinators. Sterile leaf-like (white, colorless, but usually colored) structures in flowers that serve to attract pollinators.

Scented Tea

Life Style / Tea / Scented Tea: Green semi fermented or black teas that have been flavored by adding flower petals, fruits spices and/or natural oils. Examples of these are Jasmine tea, Rose Puchong, Orange tea, Cinnamon tea or Earl MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Freisa: Vigorous variety grown in Piedmont region of Italy and used to make both dry and spumante-style sweet red wines. Reported to have a genetic pool similar to Nebbiolo. The wines are claimed to have arom MORE

Manas Chakra

Health / Yoga / Manas Chakra : The energy center above the ajna chakra - is depicted with six petals. MORE

Orange Flower Water

Entertainment / Liquor / Orange Flower Water: A light, non-alcoholic preparation based on the oil of orange blossoms, used as a flavoring in drinks. MORE


Science / Biology / Sepals: Modified leaves that protect a flowers inner petals and reproductive structures. Small, leaf-like structures in flowers that enclose and protect the developing flower. These are often green, but in ma MORE


Science / Biology / Plastids: Membrane-bound organelles in plant cells that function in storage (of food or pigments) or food production. Term for any double membrane-bound organelle. Chloroplasts contain the chemicals for photosy MORE