Pioneer Community

Science / Biology / Pioneer Community: The initial community of colonizing species.

Other Words for Pioneer

Pioneer Noun Synonyms: create, originate, invent, initiate, take the first step, introduce, institute, actuate, trigger, set off, inaugurate, start, begin, launch, establish, found, set up, develop, lay the groundwork or foundation, set or put in motion, take the lead
Pioneer Verb Synonyms: pathfinder, frontiersman, frontierswoman, trail-blazer, explorer, colonist, (early) settler, ground-breaker, forerunner, precursor, predecessor, innovator, leader, trend-setter, pacemaker, pace-setter

European Community (EC)

Business / Agriculture / European Community (EC): A regional organization created by the Treaty of Rome (1957), which provided for the gradual elimination of customs duties and other interregional trade barriers, a common external tariff, and gradual MORE

Junior-Community College

Life Style / College / Junior-Community College: A Junior/Community College is a two-year institution of higher education. Course offerings generally include a transfer curriculum with credits transferable toward a bachelor's degree at a four-year c MORE

Desired Plant Community

Business / Agriculture / Desired Plant Community: The plant community that has been determined through a land use or management plan to best meet the plan’s objectives for a site. A desired plant community is consistent with the site’s capability MORE

Community Succession

Science / Biology / Community Succession: The sequential replacement of species in a community by immigration of new species and by local extinction of old ones. MORE

Community Simplification

Science / Biology / Community Simplification: The reduction of overall species diversity in a community; generally caused by human activity. MORE

Open Community

Science / Biology / Open Community: A community in which the populations have different density peaks and range boundaries and are distributed more or less randomly. MORE