Science / Biology / Pith: Central area in plant stems, largely composed of parenchyma tissue modified for storage.

Other Words for Pith

Pith Noun Synonyms: core, heart, kernel, nucleus, crux, gist, focus, focal point, essence, meat, marrow, nub, point, spirit, substance, quintessence


Entertainment / Literature / Epithalamium: The Latin term for an epithalamion. See above. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Epithet: A short, poetic nickname--often in the form of an adjective or adjectival phrase--attached to the normal name. Frequently, this technique allows a poet to extend a line by a few syllables in a poetic MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Epithalamion: (Greek, 'at the Bridal Chamber,' plural epithalamia) A wedding hymn sung in classical Greece outside the bride's room on her wedding night. Sappho is traditionally believed to have been the first poet MORE

Epithelial Attachment

Health / Dentistry / Epithelial Attachment: The continuation of the succular epithelium that is joined to the tooth structure and is located at the base of the sulcus, or pocket. MORE

Epithelial Tissue

Science / Biology / Epithelial Tissue: Cells in animals that are closely packed in either single or multiple layers, and which cover both internal and external surfaces of the animal body. Also referred to as epithelium. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Epitaph: Not to be confused with epithet or epigram, an epitaph refers literally to an inscription carved on a gravestone, aka, cenotaph. In a more general sense, an epitaph is the final statement spoken by a MORE