Positive Feedback Control

Science / Biology / Positive Feedback Control: Occurs when information produced by the feedback increases and accelerates the response.

Other Words for Control

Control Noun Synonyms: restraint, check, curb, mastery, command, dominance, domination
Control Verb Synonyms: command, dominate, direct, steer, pilot, hold sway over, rule, exercise power or authority over, govern, manage, lead, conduct, be in control (of), call the tune, guide, oversee, supervise

Other Words for Positive

Positive Verb Synonyms: sure, certain, definite, unequivocal, categorical, absolute, unqualified, unambiguous, unmistakable or unmistakeable, clear-cut, clear, explicit, express, decisive, indisputable, indubitable, unquestionable, unquestioned, incontestable, uncontested
Positive Adjective Synonyms: sure, certain, confident, convinced, satisfied

Positive Camber

Technology / Motorcycle / Positive Camber: A Positive Camber turn is one that is banked higher on the outside of the turn than on the inside. NASCAR racetracks and Interstate highways are examples of roads that have Positive Camber. MORE

Positive Carry

Business / Finance / Positive Carry: Related: Net financing cost MORE

Positive Control

Technology / Aviation / Positive Control: The separation of all air traffic within designated airspace by air traffic control. MORE

Positive Axis Point (Pap)

Entertainment / Bowling / Positive Axis Point (Pap): The axis of the ball during the first few revolutions that is created totally by the bowler's release style. MORE


Health / Fitness / Positive: Related to concentric. MORE

Pap (Positive Axis Point)

Entertainment / Bowling / Pap (Positive Axis Point): The point on the ball that is equidistant from all points of the release ball track. MORE