Science / Biology / Predation: One of the biological interactions that can limit population growth; occurs when organisms kill and consume other living organisms.


Science / Marine Biology / Refuge: A device by which an individual can avoid predation MORE

Top-Down Control

Science / Marine Biology / Top-Down Control: Refers to food webs where control of a population is mainly explained by consumption by a species or group of species at higher levels of the food chain (e.g., population change of population of musse MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Wergild: The legal system of many Germanic tribes, including the Anglo-Saxons. This tradition allowed an individual and his family to make amends for a crime by paying a fine known as wergild to the family of MORE


Science / Biology / Parasitism: A form of symbiosis in which the population of one species benefits at the expense of the population of another species; similar to predation, but differs in that parasites act more slowly than predat MORE