Science / Biology / Producers: The first level in a food pyramid; consist of organisms that generate the food used by all other organisms in the ecosystem; usually consist of plants making food by photosynthesis.


Business / Agriculture / Pseudorabies: A disease of swine that can cause severe economic losses due to reproductive problems and fatal infection of other domestic livestock. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service began a voluntary, MORE

Boll Weevil

Business / Agriculture / Boll Weevil: An insect pest of cotton that is the subject of an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service eradication program cooperatively funded and managed by cotton producers. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Cooperative: An enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. In agriculture, such an organization is owned and used by farmers mainly to handle the off-farm part of MORE

Dealer Trust

Business / Agriculture / Dealer Trust: The Packers and Stockyards Act includes provisions aimed at protecting the financial interests of livestock and poultry producers. Under the act, the inventories and accounts receivable of a packer or MORE

Cattle Cycle

Business / Agriculture / Cattle Cycle: The approximately 10-year period in which the number of U.S. beef cattle is alternatively expanded and reduced over several consecutive years in response to perceived changes in profitability by produ MORE

Land Use Plan

Business / Agriculture / Land Use Plan: A coordinated collection of data, programs, and activities related to existing and potential uses of land and resources within a defined area. Commonly associated with local units of government trying MORE