Reductional Division

Science / Biology / Reductional Division: The first division in meiosis; results in each daughter cell receiving one member of each pair of chromosomes.

Other Words for Division

Division Noun Synonyms: dividing, split, splitting (up), breaking up, partition, partitioning, partitionment, separation, separating, diremption, segmentation, segmenting, compartmentation, sectioning, apportioning, apportionment, allotment

Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA): A variation of TDMA and CDMA that potentially will be used in high-bandwidth, third-generation wireless products. MORE

Smythe Division

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Smythe Division: With the norris division made up the campbell conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the pacific division of the western conference starting with the 1993-94 season. MORE

Region Of Division

Science / Biology / Region Of Division: The area of cell division in the tip of a plant root. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Subdivision: Any land that is divided or is proposed to be divided for the purpose of disposition into two or more lots, parcels, units or interests. Subdivision refers to any land, whether contiguous or not, if t MORE

Subdivision And Development Ordinances

Business / Real Estate / Subdivision And Development Ordinances: Municipal ordinances that establish requirements for subdivisions and development. MORE

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA): A method of digital wireless communications transmission allowing a large number of users to access a single radio-frequency channel without interference. Each user is given a unique time slot within MORE