Science / Biology / Reptiles: Taxonomic class of vertebrates characterized by scales and amniotic eggs; the first truly terrestrial vertebrate group.

Mammal-Like Reptiles

Science / Biology / Mammal-Like Reptiles: Group of Permian-Triassic reptiles having some possible mammalian features, notably a more prominent dentary (tooth-bearing) bone and reduction of the incus and malleus (which are part of the reptilia MORE


Science / Biology / Vertebrate: Any animal having a segmented vertebral column; members of the subphylum Vertebrata; include reptiles, fishes, mammals, and birds. MORE


Science / Biology / Dinosaurs: Any of the Mesozoic diapsids (once considered to be reptiles) belonging to the groups designated as ornithischians and saurischians. MORE


Science / Biology / Thecodonts: An informal term for a variety of Permian and Triassic reptiles that had teeth set in individual sockets. Small, bipedal thecodontians are the probable ancestors of dinosaurs. MORE


Science / Biology / Birds: Taxonomic class of terrestrial vertebrates that are characterized by endothermy and feathers; descended from some group of reptiles (or possibly dinosaurs). MORE

Lymph Hearts

Science / Biology / Lymph Hearts: Contractile enlargements of vessels that pump lymph back into the veins; found in fish, amphibians, and reptiles. MORE