Science / Biology / Respiration: 1) breathing as part of gas exchange; or 2) cellular metabolism.

Agonal Respirations

Health / First Aid / Agonal Respirations: Irregular, gasping breaths often seen during cardiac arrest. In most cases, rescuers will see victims take these gasping breaths no more than 10 to 12 times per minute: that's one every five to six se MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Photorespiration: Enhanced respiration of plants in the light relative to dark respiration MORE

Cellular Respiration

Science / Biology / Cellular Respiration: The transfer of energy from various molecules to produce ATP; occurs in the mitochondria of eukaryotes, the cytoplasm of prokaryotes. In the process, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is generated MORE

Respiratory Quotient

Science / Marine Biology / Respiratory Quotient: The ratio of moles of carbon dioxide produced to oxygen consumed in respiration MORE

Gross Primary Productivity

Science / Marine Biology / Gross Primary Productivity: The total primary production, not counting the loss in respiration MORE

Net Primary Productivity

Science / Marine Biology / Net Primary Productivity: Total primary production, minus the amount consumed in respiration MORE