Science / Biology / Retroviruses: Viruses that contain a single strand of RNA as their genetic material and reproduce by copying the RNA into a complementary DNA strand using the enzyme reverse transcriptase. The single-stranded DNA is then copied, and the resulting double-stranded DNA is inserted into a chromosome of the host cell.

Endogenous Retrovirus

Health / Disease / Endogenous Retrovirus: Integrated retroviruses derived from infection of the germline (egg or sperm) of an ancestral organism. All vertebrates are thought to carry numerous endogenous retroviruses. MORE

Reverse Transcription

Science / Biology / Reverse Transcription: Process of transcribing a single-stranded DNA from a single-stranded RNA (the reverse of transcription); used by retroviruses as well as in biotechnology. MORE

Reverse Transcriptase

Science / Biology / Reverse Transcriptase: An enzyme used in the replication of retroviruses; aids in copying the retroviruss RNA into a complementary strand of DNA once inside the host cell. MORE