Rna Transcript

Science / Biology / Rna Transcript: Term applied to RNA transcribed in the nucleus.

Other Words for Transcript

Transcript Adjective Synonyms: (carbon or machine or Xerox or photostatic or xerographic) copy, carbon, duplicate, duplication, photocopy, reproduction, Photostat, dupe
Transcript Verb Synonyms: transcription, translation, transliteration, rendering, interpretation, representation

Journal Entries

Business / Accounting / Journal Entries: A term used to describe the transactions recorded in a journal. MORE


Business / Accounting / Journal: An accounting record in which transactions are first entered: provides a chronological record of all business activities. MORE

Journal Entry

Business / Accounting / Journal Entry: A recording of a transaction where debits equal credits: usually includes a date and an explanation of the transaction. MORE

Journal Proper

Business / Accounting / Journal Proper: A term used to describe the main or general journal where other journals specific to subsidiary ledgers are also used. MORE


Business / Accounting / Journal(S): A book or set of books where your transactions are first entered. MORE

International Womens Day

Life Style / Holiday / International Womens Day: Celebrated on the Saturday nearest March 8, the anniversary of the first protest march against terrible working conditions for women textile and garment workers in New York City in 1857. Labor demonst MORE