Science / Biology / Roots: Organs, usually occurring underground, that absorb nutrients and water and anchor the plant; one of the three major plant organ systems.

Other Words for Roots

Roots Noun Synonyms: origins, heritage, family, lineage, house, antecedents, forefathers, foremothers, descent, genealogy, family tree, forebears, ancestors, predecessors, stock, pedigree, birthplace, motherland, fatherland, native land or country or soil, cradle

Lateral Roots

Science / Biology / Lateral Roots: Roots extending away from the main (or taproot) root. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Rootstock: The use of separate rootstock - essentially a clump of roots - onto which the vines are grafted was made necessary by the arrival of Phylloxera. The great Vitis vinifera varieties, such as Chenin Blan MORE

Adventitious Roots

Science / Biology / Adventitious Roots: Roots that develop from the stem following the death of the primary root. Branches from the adventitious roots form a fibrous root system in which all roots are about the same size; occur in monocots. MORE

Millardet 125-1

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Millardet 125-1: Rootstock vine with french origin. Male, very early budbreak. Roots and grafts well. Does not tolerate high lime soils. Resistant to phylloxera and drought. No other details as yet. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Harmony: The simultaneous combination of notes and the ensuing relationships of intervals and chords. Not all musics of the world rely on harmony for interest, but it is central to most Western music. MORE

Gloire De Montpellier

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Gloire De Montpellier: Has over 20 synonym names listed in the Geilweilerhof Database (above). Vitis riparia vine used as a rootstock. No other details as yet. MORE