Second Messenger

Science / Biology / Second Messenger: The mechanism by which nonsteroid hormones work on target cells. A hormone binds to receptors on the cells plasma membrane activating a molecule&emdash;the second messenger&emdash;that activates other intracellular molecules that elicit a response. The second messenger can be cyclic AMP, cyclic GMP, inositol triphosphate, diacrylglycerol, or calcium.

Other Words for Messenger

Messenger Noun Synonyms: envoy, emissary, legate, nuncio, intermediary, go-between, page, errand-boy, errand-girl, messenger-boy, messenger-girl, courier, runner, dispatch-rider, Pheidippides, Mercury, Hermes, herald, harbinger, gofer

Other Words for Second

Second Verb Synonyms: moment, instant, flash, minute, twinkling or wink or bat (of an eye), split second, sec, jiffy, two shakes (of a lamb's tail), tick, half a mo
Second Noun Synonyms: alternate, other
Second Adjective Synonyms: subsequent, following, next

Secondary Gain

Science / Psychiatry / Secondary Gain: The external gain derived from any illness, such as personal attention and service, monetary gains, disability benefits, and release from unpleasant responsibilities. See also primary gain. MORE

Secondary Financing

Business / Real Estate / Secondary Financing: A loan taken out in addition to a first loan, usually obtained from an individual lender. MORE

Secondary Extinction

Science / Biology / Secondary Extinction: The death of one population due to the extinction of another, often a food species. MORE