Science / Biology / Seed: Structure produced by some plants in which the next generation sporophyte is surrounded by gametophyte nutritive tissues. An immature sporophyte in an arrested state of development, surrounded by a protective seed coat.

Other Words for Seed

Seed Verb Synonyms: grain, spore, kernel, pit, tuber, bulb, corm, ovum, ovule, embryo, egg, germ
Seed Noun Synonyms: scatter, sow, distribute

Unseeded Player

Entertainment / Tennis / Unseeded Player: A player (male or female) who is not a seed in the tournament (see seed). MORE

Minor Oilseeds

Business / Agriculture / Minor Oilseeds: Oilseed crops other than soybeans and peanuts: usually a reference to the other oilseeds eligible for marketing assistance loans under the FAIR Act of 1996 (sunflower seed, canola, rapeseed, safflower MORE

Terminator Seeds

Business / Agriculture / Terminator Seeds: A descriptive term used by some for seeds that have been genetically engineered to produce a crop whose first generation produces sterile seeds, thus preventing a second generation from being grown fr MORE

Sand And Seed

Entertainment / Golf / Sand And Seed: (also 'divot mix') a mixture of sand and grass seed (sometimes also including soil and/or fertilizer) used to fill in divots MORE

Perlette (Seedless)

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Perlette (Seedless): Tablegrape derived from a cross of Queen of the Vineyard and Sultanina, commonly grown in California, Germany and France. Has larger berries than Thompson Seedless, usually ripening in August, two wee MORE

Seed Emails

Technology / Email / Seed Emails: Email addresses placed on a list (sometimes secretly) to determine what messages are sent to the list and/or to track delivery rate and/or visible appearance of delivered messages. Seeds may also be p MORE