Science / Biology / Semen: A mixture of sperm and various glandular secretions.

Easement By Necessity

Business / Real Estate / Easement By Necessity: An easement allowed by law as necessary for the full enjoyment of a parcel of real estate, for example, a right of ingress and egress over a grantors land. MORE

Appurtenant Easement

Business / Real Estate / Appurtenant Easement: An easement that is annexed to the ownership of one parcel and allows the owner the use of the neighbors land. MORE

Easement By Estoppel

Business / Real Estate / Easement By Estoppel: An easement created when a persons words or actions lead another to believe that an easement exists. If, in relying on those words or actions, the easement user acts to his or her detriment, they may MORE

Easement By Prescription

Business / Real Estate / Easement By Prescription: An easement acquired by continuous, open and hostile use of property for the period of time prescribed by state law. MORE

Easement By Condemnation

Business / Real Estate / Easement By Condemnation: An easement created by the government or government agency that has exercised its right under eminent domain. MORE

Restrictive Endorsement

Business / Finance / Restrictive Endorsement: An endorsement signature on the back of a check that specifies the conditions under which the check can be transferred or paid out. MORE