Science / Biology / Sensor: In a closed system, the element that detects change and signals the effector to initiate a response.

Sensory Extinction

Science / Psychiatry / Sensory Extinction: Failure to report sensory stimuli from one region if another region is stimulated simultaneously, even though when the region in question is stimulated by itself, the stimulus is correctly reported. MORE

AF Sensor

Entertainment / Photography / AF Sensor: The sensor used to detect focus. MORE

Full Frame Image Sensor

Technology / Digital Cameras / Full Frame Image Sensor: Some advanced digital SLR cameras feature an image sensor that has the same dimensions as a frame of 35mm film found on traditional film SLRs, which is much larger in physical size than sensors found MORE

Air Acoustic Ranging Sensor

Science / Tides and Currents / Air Acoustic Ranging Sensor: A pulsed, acoustic ranging device using the air column in a tube as the acoustic sound path. The fundamental measurement is the time it takes for the acoustic signal to travel from a transmitter to th MORE

Image Sensor

Technology / Digital Cameras / Image Sensor: A digital camera's image sensing element, or as it's often referred to, its image sensor. The image sensor's job is to convert light to electrical energy, which can then be stored in digital form in t MORE

Sensory Neurons

Science / Biology / Sensory Neurons: Neurons that carry signals from receptors and transmit information about the environment to processing centers in the brain and spinal cord. Neurons carrying messages from sensory receptors to the spi MORE