Sensory Input

Science / Biology / Sensory Input: Stimuli that the nervous system receives from the external or internal environment; includes pressure, taste, sound, light, and blood pH.


Health / Acupuncture / Sensory: Relating to sensation , to the perception of a stimulus and the voyage made by incoming ( afferent ) nerve impulses from the sense organs to the nerve centers. MORE

Programmed Input-Output (PIO)

Technology / Computers / Programmed Input-Output (PIO): A method of data transfer in which the host microprocessor transfers data to and from memory via the computer's I/O ports. PIO enables very fast data transfer rates, especially in single-tasking opera MORE

Network Basic Input - Output System (NetBIOS)

Technology / Computers / Network Basic Input - Output System (NetBIOS): A commonly used networking protocol originally developed for LANs. Operates on the Session and Transport layers of the OSI model, so doesn't make use of physical network characteristics. MORE

Sensory (Afferent) Pathways

Science / Biology / Sensory (Afferent) Pathways: The portion of the peripheral nervous system that carries information from the organs and tissues of the body to the central nervous system. MORE

Sensory Cortex

Science / Biology / Sensory Cortex: A region of the brain associated with the parietal lobe. MORE

Sensory Neurons

Science / Biology / Sensory Neurons: Neurons that carry signals from receptors and transmit information about the environment to processing centers in the brain and spinal cord. Neurons carrying messages from sensory receptors to the spi MORE