Science / Biology / Separation: Splitting of the cytoplasm by cytokinesis (= cytokinesis).

Other Words for Separation

Separation Adjective Synonyms: rift, break, split, split-up, divorce, break-up, disunion, estrangement
Separation Adverb Synonyms: disintegration, shattering, break-up, fragmentation, dismemberment, taking or keeping apart, segregation, division, disjoining, disjunction, fission, scission, rupture, schism, splitting, split, fracturing, fracture, break

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Science / Psychiatry / Separation Anxiety Disorder: A disorder with onset before the age of 18 consisting of inappropriate anxiety concerning separation from home or from persons to whom the child is attached. Among the symptoms that may be seen are un MORE

Portfolio Separation Theorem

Business / Finance / Portfolio Separation Theorem: Theory that an investor's choice of a risky investment portfolio is separate from his attitude towards risk. Related: Fisher's separation theorem. MORE

Separation Images

Entertainment / Photography / Separation Images: Technique of producing an image by combining photographs produced on a material or using equipment which is sensitive to one region of the visible spectrum. MORE

Color Separation

Entertainment / Photography / Color Separation: Process of photographic an image through filters to produce three black and white negatives that represent red, green and blue content. MORE

Separation Negatives

Entertainment / Photography / Separation Negatives: Black & white negatives, usually prepared in lots of three or four, which have been taken through filters which analyze the color composition of an original in terms of blue, green and red. They are u MORE

Fishers Separation Theorem

Business / Finance / Fishers Separation Theorem: A theory that nominal interest rates in two or more countries should be equal to the required real rate of return to investors plus compensation for the expected amount of inflation in each country. MORE