Science / Biology / Shoot: The plant stem; provides support for the leaves and fiowers; one of the three major plant organs; also referred to as the shoot system.

Other Words for Shoot

Shoot Verb Synonyms: wound, hurt, harm, injure, kill, slay, assassinate, execute, fill or pump full of lead, plug, blast, zap, knock off, snuff (out)
Shoot Adjective Synonyms: scoot, dart, whisk, speed, bolt, run, race, rush, flash, fly, dash, hurtle, streak, scuttle, bound, leap, spring, zip, whiz
Shoot Interjectionection Synonyms: discharge, fire, open fire, let fly, launch, propel, project, fling, hurl, throw, toss

Shooting Angle

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Shooting Angle: The angle determined by the position of the shooting player in relation to the goal at the moment he shoots the puck. MORE


Business / Finance / Shootout: Venture capital jargon. Refers to two or more venture capital firms fighting for the startup. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Shooter: A player who takes a shot at the basket. MORE

Catch and Shoot

Entertainment / Basketball / Catch and Shoot: A play in which a player receives a pass and shoots it immediately without squaring up so that the defender cannot react in time. Used by teams with great perimeter shooters, such as the Indiana Pacer MORE

Penalty Shootout

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Shootout: A method of deciding a winner, in amateur hockey, if the score is still tied after one overtime period. Each team designates five shooters and a goalie, and the teams alternate penalty shots, with a d MORE


Technology / Aviation / Undershoot: To land short of a runwway or planned landing spot. Opposite is OVERSHOOT. MORE